Sunshine Conversations channel available via Codemonkey Widget

Thanks to our partnership with Sunshine Conversations, we're able to provide all the cool functionality the Sunshine Conversations platform provides, via our Codemonkey Widget.

Before you get started, please ensure that your bot is connected to your Sunshine Conversations app by following our documentation. Once your bot is connected, you'll see the following screen:


Expand the "Codemonkey Widget with Sunshine Conversations" option, then toggle the "Show Widget Styling Settings" button on, as shown here:


Click "Ok", then save & publish your bot. Once done, return to the Sunshine Conversations Channel section, and you'll notice that the widget code contains your Sunshine Conversations app ID.  Copy the code to embed it on your website:


Using this method to connect to Sunshine Conversations, you'll be able to style the widget using our built-in features.

Learn more about the configuration of the Codemonkey Widget.

To learn about implementing a handover from the bot to a live agent on Zendesk, please take a look at our article on enabling human agent takeover in Sunshine Conversations.

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