Copy and paste Modules across bots

In this article, we’ll provide an explanation of how to copy Modules from one bot to another. This can be very useful when you have multiple bots that perform similar functions, and you do not wish to manually recreate the same Module content over again.

Below, we will discuss: 

Copying the Modules

First, we'll address how to copy the Modules from your source bot. As a reminder, before you attempt to copy and paste Modules, make sure you have saved any changes made to your bot. 

  1. First, open the bot that contains the Modules youd like to replicate. Click the zoom-out symbol (-) in the Navigation bar at the top of the Codemonkey Platform until you can see all the Modules youd like to copy.  

  2. Then, click into the canvas near the outermost Module you want to copy and drag your cursor over all the Modules you're replicating. If it's not possible to select all desired Modules at once due to the bot's layout, consider working in batches.

    Every Module touched by the dotted rectangle that appears will be selected. When you have selected all the desired Modules for this batch, release your mouse or touchpad button. All the selected Modules will now appear bolded. 
    If youd like to make changes to your selection, youll need to repeat this step until you've chosen the correct Modules to copy. To simply remove your selection, click into any empty space on the canvas.

  3. Once the correct Modules are selected, use Ctrl+C (or ⌘ Command+C on a Mac) to copy them. A pop-up will appear indicating the Modules have been copied. This message will disappear automatically and requires no action. 

Pasting the Modules

These next steps show the process of pasting the Modules into your destination bot. It is very important that you remain in the same browser tab, as the Modules will not be copied from one tab to another.  

  1. Remaining in the same browser tab, hover over “Conversation Builder” in the Navigation bar at the top of the platform. Then click “Bot List. Select the bot you’d like to copy the Modules to and open the bot by clicking on it.  

  2. Next, use Ctrl+V (or ⌘ Command+V on a Mac) to paste the Modules. The copied Modules should appear in this chatbot. These Modules can now be moved, edited, and connected to other Modules.  

  3. As always, remember to save your changes before exiting the Codemonkey Platform. 

Effect of copy and paste on connections

Note that the “AI understands” connection type will not be copied over. You’ll need to establish any necessary “AI understands” local and global connections after pasting the Modules in the destination bot.

All other connection types will be copied over, which includes “response to”, “custom variable”, “A/B testing”, “users filter”, “channel”, and “Jinja2 template”. 

Learn more about Module Connections.

Working in batches

If you're unable to select all the desired Modules at one time due to the layout of the bot, you can work in batches. Simply complete the copy and paste process as many times as needed to transfer the desired Modules to the destination bot. 

However, it is important to note that any connections between Modules that were copied and pasted at different times will need to be recreated in the destination bot.

For example, consider that <md>Module A contains a connection to <md>Module B. If you copy <md>Module A in one batch, but you are not also selecting <md>Module B as part of that duplication process, the connection between the two Modules will be omitted. You will need to manually establish that connection again once both Modules exist in the destination bot.

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