View all chatbot conversations in the Inbox

In this article, we'll address how to use Inbox to see conversations between your bot and its end users. In Inbox, you can see all the conversations that have gone through your bot. It's a great way to get an overview of end users’ journeys in your bot.

Below, we'll provide information about:

Accessing Inbox

You can access the Inbox for your bot within the Navigation bar at the top of your canvas. When you hover over the grid symbol on the left side of the Navigation bar, the drop-down Section menu will appear, from which you can select Inbox:


How to use Inbox

In Inbox, you can see both active and expired chats. Please be aware that the live conversation does not update by itself, and you will have to click the conversation to get the newest updates in the conversation.

How long a conversation is considered to be live is dependent upon the session expiry time you have specified in Bot Settings. The default session expiry time is 600 minutes.

These are the key features of the Inbox view:


As highlighted in the image above, each message from the bot will be marked with the Module name and number, so you can get an overview of the conversation flow and how your end users respond to the different types of messages.

The Module number can be clicked, and you will be taken to that Module in the platform in a new tab, where you can see and edit the content and connections. This is important as it allows you to easily make changes one by one. 

Note that if you've marked any Modules with a color using Groups or added KPI tags, this will also be apparent in the Inbox.

Another helpful feature is the ability to copy a link to a conversation. In the list of conversations, simply press the grey copy icon to the right of the Module number:


This copied link will lead to the conversation you selected, making it easy to, for instance, share an example or more specific information with your team.

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