Compare the Codemonkey and Zendesk Widgets

You have two options when it comes to using a Codemonkey chatbot that connects to Zendesk: using the Zendesk Widget, or using the Codemonkey Widget to connect to Zendesk Support. Below, we'll explore the pros and cons of each:

Using the Zendesk Widget

In this option, the Zendesk Widget connects to Zendesk while exchanging data with the Codemonkey server.




  • Using this option means you get access to the handover functionality, which is very useful for companies that require the possibility of handing the end user over to a human customer support professional if the chatbot is not able to solve the end user's problem.
  • Everything is located in the Zendesk Suite, which allows you to easily access past conversations and keep track of tickets, agents, reports, and so on.


  • The primary downside with this option is that a Zendesk Suite Enterprise-level subscription is needed, which, depending on your number of agents, can end up being a relatively pricey affair.
  • It should also be noted that the Zendesk Widget has some limitations when it comes to styling and supporting the rendering of media elements or Cards (not the same flexibility as with the Codemonkey Widget) in the chat.

Using the Codemonkey Widget to connect to Zendesk Support:

When you use the Codemonkey Widget, it circumvents the need for a Zendesk Chat subscription. Instead, it makes use of Webhooks to interact with Zendesk Support to create, update, and close tickets.

Because the Codemonkey Widget does not connect to Zendesk Chat, that means the conversations are stored on the Codemonkey server and are available through the Codemonkey platform. If you want them to be attached to your Zendesk tickets, you can easily achieve that using Webhooks to post messages live as the conversation happens.




  • In addition to the economic upside, the Codemonkey Widget offers full flexibilityyou can customize to your heart's content.
  • The Codemonkey Widget, unlike the Zendesk Widget, also offers the ability to render many types of media elements in the chat.


  • Using the Codemonkey Widget does, however, mean that you are not able to use the handover functionality.

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