Integrate your Codemonkey bot with Zendesk

At this point, you have created your chatbot in the Codemonkey Platform, and you are ready to connect it with your Zendesk account. 

We recommend following the steps described in the following video tutorial, as it will show you exactly what you need to do in order to get fully integrated with Zendesk:

Please be aware that you require a Zendesk Chat Enterprise-level subscription in order to connect a chatbot successfully with Zendesk.

To integrate the chatbot with your Zendesk account, there are two steps, which we will review below:

Creating an agent for your chatbot in your Zendesk account

To create an agent for your chatbot, go to your Zendesk account. Before doing this, it is essential that you have an e-mail you can use to set up the chatbot’s agent account. The e-mail should be one you can access, as you will receive a confirmation e-mail to set up the agent’s account password, but the e-mail should not be tied to any other agent in the Zendesk account.

When you have an e-mail for the chatbot, you can create the agent. This is done by going to the Zendesk Chat Dashboard. To find the Zendesk Chat Dashboard, navigate to Settings. Under channels, click chat and press the Chat Dashboard.


In the Chat Dashboard, you will need to go to “Settings”, press “Agents,” and click on “Add Agent”. When you press "Add Agent" a pop-up in a new window will open.


Here you will have to name the bot, insert the bot's e-mail, and also give the chatbot the role of Administrator. Please make sure to provide the chatbot with a name that will be easy to recognize later.


When you have created an agent for the chatbot, you will receive an e-mail on the chatbot's e-mail, where you can log in and set a password for the bot on Zendesk.

Please make sure that the newly created agent has Zendesk Chat enabled, as the configuration takes place in the Zendesk Chat dashboard. To enable Zendesk Chat for an agent, navigate to and click on the bot agent. Press on "Edit profile", and go to the tab "Products and roles". Here you can enable Zendesk Chat for the bot.

Connecting your chatbot to your Zendesk account

Now it's time to connect the chatbot to your Zendesk account. All you will need to fill in here is your Zendesk subdomain. Since you've already created an agent, you can retrieve the subdomain by navigating to the Zendesk Chat dashboard. The URL should look something like this:

The subdomain is everything between https:// and, which in this example is 'zzzzz'. The subdomain should be copied and pasted into the Codemonkey Platform.

Now that you've inserted your Zendesk subdomain, you can press “Connect”. Make sure you have pop-ups unblocked for the Zendesk domain in your browser. If pop-ups are blocked in your browser, you will have to refresh the Codemonkey page and connect again.

Please make sure you are logged in as the chatbot agent on Zendesk while connecting.

In the pop-up, you''ll click on “Allow”, after which you'll be re-directed to the Codemonkey Channels tab, where you will be able to see the status changed to “Connected”. Then you have to click “Ok”. 


After pressing "Ok" in Bot Settings, you will need to save & publish the bot before the chatbot will take any chats in Zendesk.

That's it—integration with Zendesk is now complete. Yay! The only action left is to embed the Zendesk Widget script on your website.

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