Integrate your Codemonkey bot with WhatsApp

This guide will help you integrate your chatbot with WhatsApp.

Before you proceed, do note that this requires you to have a Facebook Business Manager account.  Please complete the attached forms located at the bottom of this article, then send an email with them attached to, and our Customer Success team will handle the request.

Once you've received your verification email, navigate to Bot Settings>Channels>WhatsApp. Once you are in the WhatsApp channel section, click the "I'm verified" button.


Enter your WhatsApp credentials (Access Key, Secret Key, Phone number) in the designated fields.

The phone number should be added without the plus (+) sign.  So, if your number is +60 123456, just enter it as 60 123456, then click "Connect". You can add multiple phone numbers to a single bot, but please be aware that no number can be used more than once.


If you wish to disconnect a phone number, simply click the "Disconnect" button under that number.

To update an existing number, you must go through the verification process again to get a new Access Key and Secret Key. Once you have received the new verification email, you can simply disconnect the number you wish to update, then connect the correct number.

That's all you need to do to complete integration between your Codemonkey bot and WhatsApp, but should you have any questions, please reach out to


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