Handing conversations to Zendesk Chat by switching widgets

This client integration allows your Codemonkey chatbot to hand over a live conversation to Zendesk by switching between the two widgets. The article below covers the following:

Introduction to the solution

Once the conversation is handed over to Zendesk Chat, it is labeled with the tags "chat_with_certainly" and "handed_over_by_certainly".  Your agents can pick up the conversation from the Zendesk Workspace and help visitors solve the claim. As soon as the chat on Zendesk has ended, Codemonkey will take over the conversation and present the starting module of your chatbot.

You can check out a video of the solution below:

Configuring the widget switch to Zendesk

  1. On Zendesk, you must enable the Agent Workspace. Learn how to do this in Zendesk's documentation

  2. Inside your Codemonkey chatbot, you need to configure a Module chain that will trigger the handover. We recommend that you handle it in the following way:

    2A. (Optional) You can force a specific department by setting variable zendesk_department to the department name you want to pass the conversation to. 

    2B. Collect the visitor's name and save it as variable visitor_name. For example:

    2C. Collect the visitor's email, and save it as variable visitor_email. For example:

    2D. Fire a Webhook to retrieve the conversation history, as demonstrated by the <wh>Codemonkey Get Conversation History Webhook here:

    2E. Set variable zendesk with value "start_chat":


    2F. Then you move the conversation to a silent Module. The handover will not be triggered unless you land on this Module. In the end, your handover flow should look similar to this:

  3. Lastly, you need to deploy both Zendesk Chat and the Codemonkey Widget on your website. To do so, embed the following snippet into your website. Make sure you replace the Zendesk Chat script with your own snippet from Zendesk, and the Codemonkey bot id with your own bot deployment id:

That's it! Your Codemonkey chatbot is now ready to hand visitors over to Zendesk agents. If you encounter problems in the configuration, please reach out to our Customer Success team.


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